Morning glory – Flower Of The Day

It’s been a while since I last posted. I feel I am so slothful, but it is imperative to keep posting constantly even if the content is not perfect. So, here is my 2nd picture for Cee’s flower of the day challenge.

Morning glory is a typical symbol of Summer and is ubiquitous in my country at this time of the year. The photos are from my garden FYI.

Actually, Japan is currently under a sweltering heat wave, especially in my residence area. It is almost life-threatening.

If you are in the same plight somewhere in other parts of the world, please stay safe and sound as much as possible. Hope these photos bring you a little bit of a sense of the breeze 🙂

Also, if you are interested in contributing to climate change by gardening, here is a post for you 🙂 Bye for today.

How to turn your garden into a carbon sink – BBC Future

Pruney fingers

It doesn’t occur to him

I used to love swimming in a pool when I was a teenager. Well, I still do but merely have the opportunity in recent days. I loved the tranquillity in water and the feeling of serenity it brought to me.

The first thing which occurred to me was that memory when I read this article.

The surprising benefits of fingers that wrinkle in water – BBC Future

I was especially intrigued by the fact that the water-induced pruney skin has to do with our ability to adapt to a wet environment by using wrinkles as rain treads on tyres or the soles of shoes. However, the mystery of why women take longer to develop wrinkles than men seems unsolved. Perhaps, it correlates with the difference in the salt balance in our skin…? Do you come up with any ideas? I am keen to know your take on that 🙂

Bank’s Rose – Flower of the day

Bank’s Rose

This is my very first post for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge.

Actually, the photo was taken a while ago but it just suits my mood today. I wanted to take a full shot of a cluster of flowers but ended up on the closeup instead as it was not in full bloom. Anyways, hope it makes you smile 🙂

Work in progress

Beacon of hope

Can you see a tiny new leaf sprouting there? I regarded this as her sign of recuperation and also proof that what I am doing is steadily functioning. This tenacious vitality of nature always mesmerizes me. I feel her recovery galvanizes me as I look after her every day.

I also stumbled upon an article featuring one bonsai plant called “Ficus retusa Panda”. Yes, the name itself is already enchanting, innit? Unlike its adorable appearance, it’s also dubbed as “strangler fig” because it grows on another tree and eventually suffocates it by siphoning up moisture and nutrients. Here are some links if you are keen to know more.

1/f noise

Yes, it’s another shampoo day and he’s listening to Utada.

Have you ever heard about 1/f noise? It is also called pink noise because of its colour of visible light with this power spectrum. It occurs widely in natural rhythms. Examples of pink noise in nature include the sound of rustling leaves, wind, steady rain, and heartbeats. You might have felt comfortable and soothing when you hear these noises.

Pink noise is known to have positive influences on our psychological status by improving autonomic nerves and releasing alpha waves. There are numerous studies to show the enhancement of our QOL such as deep sleep and memory retention. It even has benefits on sentiment in other animals like dogs and cats. I first encountered this concept just about a month ago, but have always felt its effect throughout my everyday life.

You can find pink noise even in a human’s singing voice. Some singers like Olivia Newton-John or Michael Jackson are said to have pink noise in their voices. Today I introduce you to one of those singers, Hikaru Utada. She is a Japanese singer and has always been my favourite since childhood. Hope you like her music and feel somewhat relaxed.

Latin vibes

You would not imagine how dramatically it changes its colour, innit?

You are a connoisseur of botany if you could guess the name of the plant at the first glance of this photo.

It is originally hailed from Mexico and is said to have been first sent to the U.S. by the then-US Minister of Mexico about 200 years ago. So it was named after him in his honour.

Ironically, however, the name means rather negative to Mexicans in recent days. It is because of his diplomatic scheme to meddle in Mexico’s internal affairs.

I thought this interesting anecdote is well presented in this plant’s trait. It actually changes the colour of leaves completely differently in the most festive winter season of the year.

Yes, the answer is actually Poinsettia! I bought it last November and trimmed it after the blooming period. It’s so amazing how the botanical can cope with environmental change. I love this salubrious attire in the summer season as much as it brightens up dingy freezing days.

Today is Marine day in Japan, which means a 3-day consecutive holiday on our calendar. So here I introduce you to the breezy Mexican song to mark this day. Hope you like both the plant and her music.

Project hail moth orchid

This orchid was from my grandma in return for my birthday present for her 2 years ago. Soon as she came to me, I was mesmerized by her beauty. However, as often happens, she has been not in good spirit for a long time after 6 months of the blooming period. The leaves are so dried up and crumpled, but the colour of her roots seems a somewhat slight sign of hope to me. So, I began the project to resuscitate.

As delving into the tips on the Internet, I was completely swamped with multifarious advice. So I just tried some of the methods I can sustainably practice. I sunk her whole body into a bucket of water with liquid fertilizer once in 5 days and kept her stay at the window tender sunshine and breezy wind.

After almost 2 weeks of floundering, she shows incremental progress of pepping up now, by lifting her bottom of leaves and gaining brightness on the root’s colour. I would continue the routine and see how it goes, hoping she can survive this plight.

If you have any tips to cheer her up, please leave a comment. I appreciate it. 🙂

Visiting the vet

Yesterday I brought Luke to the vet as I have planned. The vet said his symptom is not as severe as to prescribe antibiotics but medical shampoo should be constantly encouraged to practice. So he just got some routine medical trimming he regularly takes.

Luke was so nervous throughout the time at the exam table and seemed so knackered though. I was anxious too, but the words of the vet made me relieved so it’s worth visiting.

After we got home, I made some tea called “Sanpin-tea”, Okinawan-style jasmine tea. It contains antioxidants that help to detoxify our body. It is also said the distinctive aroma of the tea can reduce your stress. Please look up and try a cup or two, if you’re interested.

Mission completed

Yesterday I could tick up a task on my To-do list which I was so antsy about. It might be an itsy-bitsy thing for some, but for me, it was kind of arduous toil. I knew I had to do this sooner or later, so I didn’t want to procrastinate. (you know this feeling)

So I mustered up my nerve (no exaggeration) and went about the errand.

After all, it was nothing, almost too easy to accomplish. I know it was for my meticulous preparation on the previous night. Yep, preparation is everything:)

Since it took me less than 10 minutes to complete the task, I decided to treat myself by doing some shopping. Then I bought some stuff including this notebook for my diary which satisfied me.

Although it is a tiny step, it is a step forward. I want to embrace the fact that I did it myself.

As for Luke (my dog), I reckon he needs to go to the vet, so I am planning to take him tomorrow. Task after task, but I would do It each one at a time…

Shampoo day

My dog sometimes gets rashes on his skin as a symptom of canine pyoderma, particularly in this rainy season. It’s so harrowing to see him feeling achy and itchy. In fact, I even felt he is having a slight fever because of a flare when I rubbed his forehead.

When it gets severe, he needs to take an antibiotic pill, but another effective remedy is medical shampooing. But he is kind of water-phobic, including showers or raindrops. So he looked pitifully miserable throughout the process. But it’s for his sake.

On the contrary, his shampooing time for me is actually calming. During the massage, I talk to him to soothe him and by doing so I feel an intangible emotional bond between him. It’s also comfortable feeling him snuffing the smell of my body while I bend over him trying to wash his bottom.

The shampooing is recommended to be practised once in 3 days, so I am going to follow the guidelines and see how it comes out, hoping he will get well soon.